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Social Media Tools for your Business

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Social media shifted the way we do business over the past couple years. It made it a more even playing field for both small and big businesses. This power tool gives a business the ability to target their customers directly, without having to go through traditional media channels.  There are many social services available to businesses, below is a list of the most important ones.

  • Facebook: with over 500 million users across the world, having a presence on this social network is a must. Facebook is now the standard for social networks. According to Facebook.com “people spend over 700 billion minutes per month” on the social network. Create a page, I’m sure you already have an account, and get your business on there. Invite your friends to like it. Facebook is a great tool to connect, interact, and share with your fans. It allows for a more media rich experience.  This means you can share videos, pictures, and discuss.
  • Twitter: helps small businesses relay small bursts of information to their customers on a real time basis. Twitter is great to offer promotions, talk about your business, and highlight your loyal customers. It can also help you gauge and see what’s being said about your business by other users. Twitter has done a great job summarizing this information on their site: http://business.twitter.com/twitter101
  • Foursquare: is a location based tool that allows its users to “check-in” where they are, and the more times they “check-in” they get to unlock badges and mayorships. Businesses have the opportunity to reward people that frequent their business. If you’re not already on foursquare, chances your business is probably already on there. Claim your business to create offers and start rewarding your loyal customers.
  • WordPress: is a blogging site, there are many platforms that let you spread your thoughts. With a blog, you can write about anything and start to build credibility online about you and your service. Whatever you sell, start talking about it. The internet is filled with content, the majority of users search online first and then look for other means. Blogging lets you be found online and also helps you build credibility in the space you’re discussing.

All the above tools are free to use and will ultimately help your business communicate with your customers.


Centricly: 10-10-10 @ 10:10:10

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Finally, you can be at the right place at the right time, all the time. Businesses and consumers can search, shop, and share like never before using Centricly.”

Centricly is the first multi-location based platform allowing you to “check out” businesses that matter to you most. Each one of these locations represents a living circle, meaning inside the circle is where you tend to eat, shop, and play whether it’s at work, school or home.

Centricly lets businesses share for limited-time offerings on a real-time basis.  For example, if your hair stylist is slow from 3-5pm on a Tuesday, they will be able to use the Centricly platform to attract customers by offering steep discounts off the regular price. Users will be able to access these limited time offers on the mobile device or on the web.

Businesses will also be able to post an Impulse, Flash, or Everyday deal allowing them to attract new customers, increase traffic, and sell clearance items.  Businesses are not limited on Centricy but rather given the tools to cater to consumer’s needs synchronously.

Centricly is being launched 10/10/10 in Orange County, California by Centric Media, LLC.



Is Google Buzz taking on E-mail, Twitter, Facebook?

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Every morning, as I log in to my laptop my startup-routine continues to expand. I launch a slew of websites to catch up on email, chat, and find out what’s going on in the world, locally and in the tech world. I’ll launch Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, and now I find myself launching Gmail as well, for Google Buzz.

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz was launched on Tuesday as an integrated social media application within Gmail. It allows you to stay connected to your friends for a real-time interaction. Similar to Twitter where you can post a status but there seems to be no limit on how many characters you can publish, you can upload pictures (not a link) or sync with Picasa, you can display link and it’ll give you a little snapshot of it. It also allows your followers to comment and like your post.

Many are talking about how Google Buzz is taking on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t necessarily see it as a threat but a very simple tool that if used could prove to be better than Twitter, Yammer, or Present.ly for an internal network.

Is Google Buzz trying to change email?

I don’t think so as Sergey Brin put it there are different “social expectations” with email, IM, and something like Buzz. Email it’s more formal or personal that might require more attention. IM can be casual or serious but there’s an expectation to respond similar to email. With Twitter, Facebook, or Buzz there’s no real expectation for one to respond unless it’s being used to collaborate.

Google recently did attempt to take on a collaborative suite with Wave, but quickly learned that people weren’t ready to evolve their email habits. Now we have Buzz.

How about a Threat to Twitter?

Twitter gives you a platform to share publicly with everyone; Twitter had such a spark in growth because of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, and even President Obama. But I don’t see that happening on Google Buzz, as it is a little more personable than Twitter.  It’s integrated within your email so you’re already more protective of it than say an application like Twitter where it’s public.

What about to Facebook?

It’s not a threat to Facebook, because Facebook offers a different user experience today than does Buzz. Facebook is a more rich experience. Google Buzz I keep on and it’ll run in the background. Facebook is something that I need to be on and spend time on. It’s more interactive from groups, fan pages, applications, events, video, and so much more. People spend hours playing games on Facebook. The two are different. Google Buzz helps you converse in real-time Facebook helps you stay connected and possible even gives your personal life structure.

Is it a Threat?

Where Google Buzz is a threat is to companies like Yammer, or Present.ly. The two companies offer micro-blogging tools for enterprises. To keep your employees connected, they allow you to share comments, post updates, exchange and discuss ideas. Buzz already allows this you can create different sets of groups: friends, family, co-workers, and you can even create your own. When you want to post an idea or want to discuss a project you post a message and select the group you want to discuss it with. When it’s posted only those group members can see and reply to your post.

If Google can integrate Buzz into Google Apps for businesses that would present a major threat to enterprise micro-blogging sites.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Google is current-day Microsoft; they just do it better.

I was first resistant to Google Buzz as I didn’t use Gmail anymore but I still used Google mail (same platform as Gmail but you can have your domain email hosted there) and didn’t know if I wanted yet another area to update my “Status”. But after couple days of using it I do see the value in it as an enterprise micro-blogging tool.

What I like about it, which some people on the web don’t, is that it has threaded comments. Where I or others can reply to your comment and it stays organized under the main post. With Twitter I can reply with “@username” but you may have posted other items and not know what I’m replying to. So then I have to RT (retweet) it with my reply but, again, we’re limited to 140 characters. So in the end it gets lost with the RTs and hash tags. I don’t use Twitter as much as I thought I would or hoped to.

There are flaws:

It’s limited to people with Gmail, and only a fraction of the people use it for email.

There are also some privacy issues that have been blown out of proportion; they can be fixed with a simple edit to your profile.

The esthetics of the Google’s profile is not as appealing as Facebook but there’s definitely room for growth.

The username is your email address which exposes your email address. If you add “@gmail.com” to the username that will give people your email address. Someone definitely dropped the ball on that one. This presents a major spammer problem.

Everything is PUBLIC! Know that whatever you post that is marked public will become public on the biggest, most used search engine in the world. So be careful of your words and links as this can have negative effects in the present or future. With something like Facebook, only your friends can see what you’ve posted and recently Facebook has rolled out many privacy tools.

What Google Buzz has done has taken pieces of current social media sites and mixed them together.  Buzz has the potential to take a piece of Twitters, Yammer, Present.ly’s market share but the major flaws need to be fixed for it to be successful.


Google: a love/hate relationship

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I’ve developed this love hate relationship with Google. As a consumer, I love the products and services that Google provides. I use them on a daily basis: all my corporate and personal email is hosted on Gmail servers, and I use many other Google services, such as Wave, Voice, Notebook, Search, Chrome, and Maps.

But on the other hand, Google knows everything about me. Anytime something is mentioned online about me it indexes it and saves a little copy of it on their servers. It knows what I search, what time I searched it, where I’m searching from– and that’s just search. Google couples that information with my email,(Gmail), my web browser (Chrome), my phone (Google Voice), and now Google Buzz. That pretty much sums up my life and possibly yours. If you use any of Google’s products: Maps, Froogle, Earth, Chat, Voice, You Tube, News, Chrome and more; then they know where you’re going, what you’re trying to buy, who you’re talking to online, what videos you’re interested in, which news you like, and which websites you visit. Google most likely knows more about us than the United States Government. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Government sits on Google’s board.

What makes Google more deceiving is that they create these services, do a much better job of it, and offer it for free. My question to Google is “what’s the catch?” The catch is that you use their products, they index it and soon they’ll control the entire world with your information. If Google wanted, they could sway information that could help Sarah Palin get elected in 2012, or convert Democrats to Republicans. If Google wanted to, it could probably solve the world’s hunger problem. Why don’t they? Because then they would give up their cover. There are countless stories where Google altered or limited they’re search results to users for various reasons. Whatever those reasons may be– they still altered search results.

In the end, I hope that Google uses their powers for the greater good of humanity and I’m partially confident they will. But it’s still a little scary to know what Google knows.



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At Centricly, our goal is to: Simplify and enrich the lives of others by mashing up relevant information with social media networks.

We believe that every business is a consumer and that every consumer is a business. Bottom line: we’re all trying to prosper from our social and business interactions.

“…by mashing up relevant information with social media networks.”

What does this mean?!

Simply put, Centricly will take information that you care about (i.e. exclusive deals, promos, coupons, events) as a consumer, from your local restaurants, retailers, professional services (such as dry cleaners, salon) and give you access to it instantaneously over the web, and on your mobile phone.

Centricly is a free social networking suite for small businesses. Centricly enables local businesses to post real-time deals, manage their social media profiles (twitter/facebook) from one location, and interact with their customers.

Consumers will be able to search exclusive, real-time deals within their local area. Centricly brings consumers exclusive- discounted offers from local small businesses.

Deal Examples:

  • 50%+ off lunch between 2:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • Mani-Pedi Specials
  • Trial Offers
  • Exclusive product offering.
  • Clearance items at local retailers.
  • Notification of soon to expire products
  • Discounted event tickets.

Deals are “now” centric; they will expire within 2-24 hours, creating a real-time purchasing environment. Centricly is being launched in the first quarter of 2010, in Orange County, California by Centric Media, LLC.





Second Blog Entry

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Wow it hasn’t even been couple hours and I’m already tempted to write my second blog entry in the same day. Let’s clarify something, what is “nishahmed”?

The story:

Me and my buddy always had a problem, that doesn’t sound right but it will make sense, we had various email addresses, simple ones and complicated ones. The challenge was which email to give out when asked? The general email we had was too long to give out(syedanishahmed@gmail.com) so we came up with many solutions. One was, da@go.to It was fun(yes giving out an email address can be fun) to give out but the “.to” confused people, they waited for the “.com”. So my creative buddy, Khanfucious, came up with a solution that was clever and could serve as the ultimate email address. With that I present you: D@nishahmed.com.

Why go through the trouble of registering a domain and creating an email address. Because that email address is hot, it SPELLS my Name!


Hello There

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Ladies and Gents,

My name is Danish, spelled like a danish but said “Don ish”. Over the years I’ve heard many variations of my name, so your attempt to make a funny is probably something I’ve already heard. So spare yourself the embarrassment and me the time. Cheese Danish is quite popular and I’m sure was your first choice.

This is my blog, if you’re not already aware. If you’re reading this “Thank you” and “you’re welcome” in advance. There are many misconceptions about me. One that I’m cocky and arrogant, those are false, research is currently being done to prove that theory.

At this point you’re wondering, “why you are still reading this and why should you comeback to read my thoughts?” Only reason I can come up is you know me and for some odd reason like me, thank you mom for continuing to read.

Here I will explore aspects of things I hope you would find interesting, social media marketing and current events.