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Hello There

Posted: December 29th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Danish | 1 Comment »

Ladies and Gents,

My name is Danish, spelled like a danish but said “Don ish”. Over the years I’ve heard many variations of my name, so your attempt to make a funny is probably something I’ve already heard. So spare yourself theĀ embarrassmentĀ and me the time. Cheese Danish is quite popular and I’m sure was your first choice.

This is my blog, if you’re not already aware. If you’re reading this “Thank you” and “you’re welcome” in advance. There are many misconceptions about me. One that I’m cocky and arrogant, those are false, research is currently being done to prove that theory.

At this point you’re wondering, “why you are still reading this and why should you comeback to read my thoughts?” Only reason I can come up is you know me and for some odd reason like me, thank you mom for continuing to read.

Here I will explore aspects of things I hope you would find interesting, social media marketing and current events.



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