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Google: a love/hate relationship

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I’ve developed this love hate relationship with Google. As a consumer, I love the products and services that Google provides. I use them on a daily basis: all my corporate and personal email is hosted on Gmail servers, and I use many other Google services, such as Wave, Voice, Notebook, Search, Chrome, and Maps.

But on the other hand, Google knows everything about me. Anytime something is mentioned online about me it indexes it and saves a little copy of it on their servers. It knows what I search, what time I searched it, where I’m searching from– and that’s just search. Google couples that information with my email,(Gmail), my web browser (Chrome), my phone (Google Voice), and now Google Buzz. That pretty much sums up my life and possibly yours. If you use any of Google’s products: Maps, Froogle, Earth, Chat, Voice, You Tube, News, Chrome and more; then they know where you’re going, what you’re trying to buy, who you’re talking to online, what videos you’re interested in, which news you like, and which websites you visit. Google most likely knows more about us than the United States Government. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Government sits on Google’s board.

What makes Google more deceiving is that they create these services, do a much better job of it, and offer it for free. My question to Google is “what’s the catch?” The catch is that you use their products, they index it and soon they’ll control the entire world with your information. If Google wanted, they could sway information that could help Sarah Palin get elected in 2012, or convert Democrats to Republicans. If Google wanted to, it could probably solve the world’s hunger problem. Why don’t they? Because then they would give up their cover. There are countless stories where Google altered or limited they’re search results to users for various reasons. Whatever those reasons may be– they still altered search results.

In the end, I hope that Google uses their powers for the greater good of humanity and I’m partially confident they will. But it’s still a little scary to know what Google knows.


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