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Second Blog Entry

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Wow it hasn’t even been couple hours and I’m already tempted to write my second blog entry in the same day. Let’s clarify something, what is “nishahmed”?

The story:

Me and my buddy always had a problem, that doesn’t sound right but it will make sense, we had various email addresses, simple ones and complicated ones. The challenge was which email to give out when asked? The general email we had was too long to give out(syedanishahmed@gmail.com) so we came up with many solutions. One was, da@go.to It was fun(yes giving out an email address can be fun) to give out but the “.to” confused people, they waited for the “.com”. So my creative buddy, Khanfucious, came up with a solution that was clever and could serve as the ultimate email address. With that I present you: D@nishahmed.com.

Why go through the trouble of registering a domain and creating an email address. Because that email address is hot, it SPELLS my Name!